What is a Window Grille and why do they matter?

History of Window Grille 

A Window Grille are horizontal or vertical bars that divide a piece of glass into separate panes. The materials used for these bars vary greatly, from wood to plastics and aluminum.  

They were a necessity in the past when the glass used in windows were made of smaller and weaker material due to a lack of technological development. These grilles held the small pieces of glass together to form a window. 

Fast forward to present time and Window Grilles are largely seen as ornate decorative pieces used mostly for aesthetics. In the context of Singaporean homes however, this notion is nothing further from the truth. 

The purpose of Window Grilles in Singapore.

Window Grilles in Singapore are a perfect blend of form and function. They are firmly and securely installed in homes to prevent burglaries. A burglar might be able to break a window, but they find it next to impossible to bypass the window grilles. 

Window Grilles also serve as a form of internal protection, especially for young children and pets. They can prevent accidents from occuring, especially for homeowners living in high-rise apartments. The grilles are simply too narrow for a child to slip through them. 

For pets however, the Window Grilles can be customised to ensure the safety of the pet by adjusting the size and amount of bars in the grilles.

Cats proof window grille
A Cat Proof Window Grille

Safety is a number one priority and the Window Grille exemplifies that perfectly.  Be it HDB, Condo or landed property, there is always a need for Window Grilles.

Which type of Window Grille should I use?

The Aluminum Frame Window Grille is the most commonly used window grille in Singapore, for all the reasons listed above. It is not only strong and robust due to it’s aluminum construction, it is also extremely versatile in its design.

Aluminum Frame Window Grille
An Aluminum Frame Window Grille

Apart from the regular straight bars, window grilles can be shaped into aesthetically pleasing designs and patterns.  Some examples include diamond shaped grilles, scroll patterns and even floral shaped grilles. The amount of possibilities is truly liberating, pick the one that best matches the design of your home!

Do note however that grilles installed in HDB flats must be HDB approved designs. See here for more information. 


We hope this information article has convinced you on the importance of Window Grilles. They are not only needed for safety reasons but can also be a great addition to the aesthetics of your home. 

You can get your Window Grilles installed by a HDB/BCA( Building and Construction Authority) licensed company. 

Yi Ki Door & Renovation happens to be a HDB and BCA licensed company. Our Aluminum Window Grilles are also customisable and come in various designs to suit the needs and preferences of various homeowners. 

If you are interested in our offerings, contact us today to schedule an appointment with us. We will work together with you to make the best window grilles for your home.

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