What is a Slide and Swing Door?


Slide and swing doors are becoming increasingly more popular due to their space saving and ergonomic design. They are easy to use while also remaining sleek and clean. As such they are often installed in kitchens and toilets. Their designs are largely subdued and understated as they let their actions do most of the talking.   As its name implies, a slide and swing door is able to both side and swing. You might be wondering, “What’s the point in that?” and with good reason. Let’s do a quick refresher on these 3 types of doors.

Sliding Door

A sliding door is able to slide side to side to open and close. This makes them space saving and easy to use, however there are a few flaws with their design.  A sliding door might not be as secure as a swing door as it is unable to fully lock. This not only means poorer security, but also poorer air retention and ventilation.  Dust can also easily accumulate on the roller and tracks due to the less secure closing mechanism which might cause it to not function properly. As such maintenance is required for the sliding door to ensure that it is working properly.

Swing Door

The swing door is the most commonly used type of door. It can be found in every household and for good reason. It addresses many of the flaws present in the sliding door. Secure locking mechanism, great air ventilation and retention as well as low maintenance as the hinges are securely installed into the door frame.  It really does seem like the perfect door, and it very well is for many situations, however a swing door requires a certain amount of clearance for it to properly operate. As such, it is not very space efficient and requires a larger amount of space for it to work.

Slide and Swing 

Now we are going to talk about the star of the show, the slide and swing door. By combining two types of door together, we get the best of both worlds. The slide and swing door has the secure locking mechanism of the swing door. It can firmly lock into place with no issues. It is also able to slide one half of the door into itself via it’s sliding mechanism, allowing homeowners to save up on valuable space. Though the sliding door ultimately saves more space, the slide and swing door more than makes up for it with it’s various benefits derived from the swing door.

Other noteworthy benefits of the slide and swing door

Believe it or not, there’s more for the slide and swing doors! The sliding mechanism of the door is being held together by rollers similar to that of top hung bifold doors. These rollers are firmly installed inside the track preventing dirt and dust from obstructing it. As such, little to no maintenance is required.  The top hanging roller also means that there is no bottom track. This increases the accessibility of the door and removes a potential tripping hazard. Homeowners with young children, elderly or people requiring walking aids/ wheelchairs need not worry as the slide and swing door can safely accommodate these needs safely. The simple and minimalistic design of these doors can also be seen as a boon. They seamlessly blend into most households in an elegant manner. They are easy on the eyes and easier on hands. Just like their cousin the swing door, the slide and swing doors are very easy to use, simply slide the door open and swing it to the side.


We hope that you’ve learnt something about slide and swing doors from this article. They are a type of door that blends the space saving feature of the sliding doors and the security of the swing doors If you are looking for someone to supply and install doors for your home, look no further. Our doors at Yi Ki Door & Renovation are customisable and come in various designs to suit the needs and preferences of various homeowners. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to realise it. Here are a few samples

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