Presenting the Revolutionary Ultra Slim Glass Doors, in 3 configurations!

Glass Doors in Summary

Ultra Slim Glass Doors

Glass Doors have always been a popular pick with homeowners and for good reasons. They are simultaneously space-saving and stylish. Glass doors are sleek and elegant, allowing homeowners to seamlessly integrate them into their own homes with no compromise to ventilation and light flow.  As they blend into the background so easily, they also give the impression of a larger living space. Due to this combination of factors, it is no wonder why glass doors are so favored by homeowners. 

Presenting the Ultra Slim Glass Doors

As with all things, people strive to innovate on existing designs to achieve new heights. The same can be said for us at Yi Ki Door and Renovation. After months of intensive research and development, as well as a rigorous testing process, we are extremely proud to present our newest product that aims to take glass doors to the next level. Designed and manufactured in our very own factory in Singapore, straight to your home in two weeks, we present to you the Ultra Slim Glass Doors by Yi Ki Door.

The Ultra Slim Glass Doors maximizes the strengths of glass doors while maintaining a high degree of sturdiness and safety. As its name would imply, the Ultra Slim Glass Doors have an extremely thin profile, saving you even more space while remaining stylish.

With such a bold design, it was pivotal for us to ensure the safety and durability of our product. The glasses used in manufacturing our Ultra Slim Glass Doors are properly strengthened using a combination of techniques to ensure their structural integrity.

Another way we improved on safety is through the design of our Ultra Slim Doors. Compared to many of our competitors who use U-channel glass which has no frame, our design features a thin border for additional safety.

Our Ultra Slim Glass Doors come in 3 types, Sliding, Folding, and Swinging.

When do I use Sliding, Folding, and Swinging?

Folding Glass Doors will typically be used for more spacious areas, they are perfect for portioning an area of a larger room for other purposes. A common example is creating a study/reading section in a living room. When not in use, they can be folded back neatly with minimal obstruction to the room. They are recommended to be used in more spacious areas as a small protrusion in the side is needed for them to properly work.

Sliding Doors are the most space-saving kind of door but require a track to be installed. As such they can be fitted in tighter spaces such as kitchen entrances and balconies.  Our Ultra Slim Sliding Glass Doors are unique as they can slide in both directions on the track to make maintenance hassle-free. Sliding doors are the most popular choice at the moment. Here are a few videos demonstrating our Ultra Slim Glass Sliding Doors.

Swing Doors have a similar application to sliding doors with the distinct advantage of not requiring a track, making them easy to use and highly accessible.

A wide range of customization options are available at Yi Ki Door, be it the finish of the glass or the mechanism of the doors, we wish to accommodate the wants of our customers.


As a local company that manufactures our doors in Singapore, you can look to receive your doors from us in two weeks, with free installation! Our doors are made in Singapore for Singaporeans!

If you are looking to get your doors done or if you have any other questions, contact us today for a consultation.

With over 11 years of experience in the industry and more than 500 positive reviews on Carousell, Yi Ki Door & Renovation is the go to choice for a door & window specialist in Singapore.


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