The 4 types of Wooden Doors and their amazing features!

Doors are an essential part of any home, with the huge amount of doors, it is hard to narrow down which type of doors would be ideal.

We will be focusing on wooden doors in particular in this article. The types of wooden doors, the various pros and cons of each as well as their uses. We will go through them one by one so that you can have a better understanding of which door is the most suitable for you.

Why wood?

Before we go in depth with the different types of wooden doors, we must first ask ourselves why wooden doors specifically? 

There are many unique properties of wooden doors that make them standouts compared to doors made of other materials. 

They can be summarized as such:

  • Durability 
  • Sound insulation 
  • Temperature insulation 
  • Looks/Aesthetics 


Wooden doors are fairly durable. They are able to endure years of prolonged usage without breaking. They are also able to maintain their beautiful finishes overtime. The longevity for wooden doors speaks for itself seeing as it is still the go to option for interior room doors.

Sound insulation 

Wooden doors are one of the best ways to make a room soundproof, especially solid wood doors, as they are so dense. It is hard for sound to penetrate such a thick coating of wood.

Temperature insulation

Wooden doors are energy efficient. They provide ample temperature insulation and can thus keep a room warm or cold as needed. 


It’s undeniable that the looks of a wooden door is a big selling point. Nothing can quite replicate the look and feel of a wooden door. The wooden door is just a timeless classic, one gets nostalgic simply looking at it especially in a sea of contemporary door designs. 

Types of Wooden Door

There are 4 main types of wooden doors:

  1. Classic Wooden Door
  2. Laminate Wooden Door
  3. Verner Door
  4. Nyatoh Wooden Door

Classic Wooden Door 

Classic Wooden Door is exactly what you would think of when you imagine a wooden door. Along with having all the benefits of a wooden door as described earlier, classic wooden doors come in many designs and can be easily painted to various different colors.

These doors are typically implemented in bedrooms.

A thing to note about the classic wooden door is the two options you have, solid wood classic wooden door and hollow core classic wooden door,

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors are made of solid wood, this makes solid wood doors stronger and more durable. They also have great sound insulation due to their thick and full construction.

A thing to note about solid wood doors is that they will warp in moist conditions, making them not suitable for bathroom doors.

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors are made by combining thin layers of wood with cardboard or plastic core. Due to this they are lightweight and lack the impressive sound insinuating qualities of a solid wood door.

A main selling point for hollow core doors is their affordability. They are easily the cheapest option for wooden doors and as such are budget friendly alternatives to other types of wooden doors.

Laminate Wooden Door

Laminate Wooden Doors are another good alternative to solid wood doors. Laminated doors can replicate the look and feel of a solid wood door for a more economical price.

As the name would imply, laminate doors feature a layer of lamination. Laminated doors gain a few new benefits because of it.

Laminated doors can have a large variety of finishes providing homeowners with more options in terms of aesthetics. 

Laminated doors are scratch and stain resistant, they are also moisture and heat resistant. This ensures that laminated doors will keep a pristine appearance even after years of use. They are also really easy to maintain.

Some specially designed laminate doors even have antibacterial properties, making them a great choice for places with high traffic or for families who want an added layer of protection. 

Laminate doors, being moisture resistant, can also be used as bathroom doors.

A thing to note however is that solid wood doors are still stronger and the finish of the laminate door might not be a true facsimile to the wood grain texture seen in solid wood doors, 

Verner Door

Verner Doors are made by combining thin sheets of wood with a core to form a door with an authentic looking and feeling finish. They are a popular choice as they have a similar finish to solid wooden doors as the surface layer of a Verner Door is also made of real wood without any laminate to obstruct the finish.

Verner Doors are also a very cost effective way to showcase premium finish wood and other more intricate finishes as the process in making verner doors provides craftsman with a great degree of flexibility,

They can be used in the bedroom or even in kitchens and are definitely the go to choice for premium looking doors at an affordable price.

A notable pro of the verner doors is that it is resistant to warping and also easy to maintain.

Similar to laminate doors however, verner doors are not as sturdy as solid wood doors.

Verner doors unlike laminate doors are not water resistant and thus are susceptible to water damage.

Nyatoh Wooden Door

Nyatoh doors are doors made using Nyatoh wood. Nyatoh is a type of wood that can be found in rainforest environments in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia and the Philippines.

It has become a popular alternative to many more expensive wood as it has good looks while also being not too costly. It starts off with a reddish brown color and slowly turns into a more grayish hue as it ages. 

As Nyatoh is a wood, it can be processed in various different ways to make Nyatoh solid wood doors, Nyatoh hollow core doors and Nyatoh veneer doors. It inherits the various pros and cons of each type of door while simultaneously enhancing them with that Nyatoh look.


We hope you learned something new and helpful about wooden doors. With the many different types of wooden doors, it is important to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

Contact us today for a quotation. We will work with you to make a door that is uniquely yours. Yi Ki door is the preferred Door and Window specialist for homeowners in Singapore.

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