The 2 types of Basin Doors, the Hidden Gems for Space Saving!

Basin Doors are not as flashy as their larger cousins, but they can be as important if not more so than other types of doors due to their sheer versatility and the convenience they provide.

They are commonly fitted into tight spaces like below basins and in kitchens.

The main benefits of a Basin Door is the ability to store and retrieve items in a convenient manner, saving both space and time. 

We will be going through the two main types of basin doors,as well as when and where to use them.

Why use Aluminium Basin Doors?

Before we get fully started, we will explain why aluminium frame basin doors are a popular pick. 

The main reason to opt for aluminium frame basin doors is because of their durability.

They are:

– water resistant

– heat resistant

– anti-termite

Combined with the fact that they are relatively light makes them easy to use, the aluminium frame basin doors are a good option for those who want an efficient door that lasts.

The 2 types of Basin Doors

The two main types of basin doors are Swing Basin Doors and Sliding Basin Doors, they each come with their own unique set of traits that make them best suited for different spaces. Both are good bets and are extremely effective when it comes to maximising space, but you would want to select the best type for your home to avoid needing to rework them again as these doors are fairly durable.

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Swing Basin Doors

Swing Basin Doors are great. Along with the aforementioned benefits of all basin doors, they allow for greater accessibility as they are able to open fully. This means that it is not only simpler to store and retrieve larger items but also easier to clean the insides of the door.

You would generally want to install Swing Basin Doors in kitchens, kitchen stoves and larger bathrooms or if you plan on keeping bulky items with your basin door.

Sliding Basin Doors

If space is a key concern, the Sliding Basin Door has got you covered.  At the cost of sacrificing some accessibility, you get a door that maximises on the space saving potential of a basin door. As it does not swing open, it does not require as much space as the swing door, making it a perfect fit for tight spaces. Do note that it is not as effective when it comes to storing larger items as the doors cannot fully open out,  you will only be able to access half the available space compared to a swing door.

Sliding Doors are also relatively cheaper compared to swing doors, making them a good budget option. They are also known for their durability.

You would usually install Sliding Basin Doors in bathrooms or any area in the kitchen that has limited leverage.


We hope this article has helped you pick your Basin Door.

Basin Doors though small and unassuming can make a big impact when it comes to saving space, so be sure to consider which would be best for you before committing to getting your basin doors done.

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