Swing Door, their benefits and when to use them


The swing door is a household staple. Go into any house and you are bound to find at least one swing door installed, and for good reason. The swing door is an extremely simple yet effective design. We do not give it much thought as we go use it in our day to day life, but there are plenty of benefits to the swing door. Today we will take a deeper look at the benefits of the swing door, as well as it’s practical application in households.

Benefits of Swing Door

Swing doors are very easy to operate because of their simple design. All one needs to do is turn the handle and swing the door. It is so simple that even young children can operate it as compared to other types of doors such as sliding doors. This is often something that we take for granted but the ease of usage is a great benefit of the swinging door.  The door being able to fully open and close also provides it with other benefits. Due to its ability to fully open and close, better air circulation and air temperature retention is achieved as compared to other door types that cannot fully open or close. This is especially helpful when it comes to keeping cold air from the air conditioner as there are minimal gaps in the door. A fully opening door means greater accessibility. The opened swing door provides plenty of space for one to enter and exit from. With no fixed installation obscuring the door, one can easily carry large and bulky items through these doors. This can also be handy for people using walking aids or wheelchairs as the swing door’s opening is large enough for them to easily pass through.  They are great for emergency situations as the space they provide can help people easily escape. Swing doors are more secure compared to other types of doors as they can fully close and lock. There are little to no gaps for a locked swing door. This effectively prevents intruders from breaking into your room. Swing doors are also incredibly durable. The doors and the hinges are firmly installed to the frame. These hinges are heavy-duty and can easily bear the weight of the door as well as constant opening and closing. Due to it’s simple design, a swing door is unlikely to get jammed or stuck unlike a sliding door which uses a more complex track based system. It’s simpler design also means that it is cheaper, easier to use as mentioned previously and also low maintenance.

Aluminium Frame

Our swing doors are made using aluminium frames. You might ask yourself why aluminium? Here are a few reasons why. Why aluminium frame?

  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Good sound and heat insulation
  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek design

We offer our aluminium frame door in 3 different thickness levels. This is to accommodate for various different frames/door sizes. 3 types of frame thickness:

  1. Type 1: 1 4/8 inches*1 inch (commonly used for BTO metal/wood door frame)
  2. Type 2: 2 inches*1 inch (used on normal concrete wall size)
  3. Type 3: 3 inches*1 inch (used on broader concrete wall size)


Types of Aluminium frame Swing Door

There are many various types of swing doors you can find, from wooden swing doors and aluminium frame swing doors. Wooden doors are fairly simple and self-explanatory but there are a few variations to the aluminium frame swing doors that are notable. They are as follows

  1. Aluminium frame swing door with acrylic panel
  2. Aluminium frame swing door with glass panel
  3. Aluminium frame swing door with lattice design


Aluminium Frame Swing Door with Acrylic Panel

If you want to add colour to your home, aluminium frame swing doors with acrylic panels might just be what you are looking for. They are durable and have a vibrant glossy finish which lets the colours pop more.

These are the colours available for the acrylic panels, the ones on the top row are translucent while the ones on the bottom row are fully opaque.

We also have specially designed graphic panels for those interested.

Aluminium Frame Swing Door with Glass Panel

Glass doors, though pricier, have their unique set of benefits. They are as follows. Benefits of glass

  • Luxurious feel
  • Elegant design
  • Natural light flow

There are also many different types of glass panels one can opt for. The notable ones include normal clear glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, fluted glass frosted glass and mirror

Normal clear glass

It is as described, a no frills regular clear glass panel, perfect for enhancing light flow and adding an extra pinch of sophistication to your home.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass, requiring more pressure for them to break. In the event that they do break, they shatter into small, relatively harmless pieces.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two pieces of glass, bound together through a vinyl interlayer. As such, they remain largely in one piece even if they break as the vinyl adhesive holds the broken glass in place.

Fluted Glass

A modern and more trendy option.Fluted glass is glass with vertical grooves. Their pattern is reminiscent of water waves. They add texture to a home while also allowing for ample lighting. Due to the unique texture of the glass, it also allows for privacy as the groove pattern obscures the other side of the glass. They are a great fit for the kitchen.

Frosted Glass

A glass that has a translucent finish. It is well suited for those who want a bit of privacy without sacrificing on light flow. The translucent nature of this glass also diffuses light, giving you a gentle lighting. This makes it a good option for reading or work spaces. The degree of which can be adjusted by making the frosted glass more translucent or opaque. Unlike the fluted glass it has a smooth finish, making it a more simple yet classy design.

Mirror glass swing door

A mirror glass door is exactly how it sounds. It is a door with a mirror as it’s panel. The mirror can be one sided or double sided. It is a good fit for wardrobes or for making a space appear more spacious.

Lattice design aluminium frame swing door

Lattice design doors are doors with grid like patterns that are mostly ornate. They can range from simple patterns to highly decorative and unique designs. They are most typically seen in columns of 2,4,6 and 8. The panels for our lattice design doors are available in both glass and acrylic. We recommend this type of door to customers with doors above 3*7 ft as the grid like design helps support the weight of larger doors.

Types of Door Handles

These are some of the door handle designs that we offer. They are mostly the same in regards to function so the choice is mostly for aesthetics.

  • Round Door Knob
  • Lever Lockset
  • Slider Lock
    Slider Lock
    Slider Lock


    Lever lock
    Lever lock


When is it best to use a swing door?

Due to the unique benefits of that the swing door provides as discussed earlier, it is best to use a swing door under these circumstances,

  1. When there is enough clearance for the swing door to properly operate
  2. When you want it to be easily accessible such as kitchens and bedrooms
  3. When you have family members with difficulty operating more complex/restrictive types of door.

Of course these are just a few examples, there are many other situations in which installing a swing door is optimal.


We hope that this article has been helpful, swing doors are highly versatile and effective which is why they are so commonplace. They are not only affordable, but they are safe, secure, easy to operate and highly accessible.  If you are looking for someone to supply and install swing doors for your home, look no further. Our swing doors at Yi Ki Door & Renovation are customisable and come in various designs to suit the needs and preferences of various homeowners. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to realise it.   Contact us today so we can start working with you on a swing door that is uniquely

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