Sliding doors, perfect for liberating your restrictive home spaces

About Sliding Doors

Sliding door glass

Sliding doors are becoming increasingly more commonplace in many households and for good reason. They are incredibly space efficient and also very stylish. Their contemporary designs bring a refined and urban feel to any household.

The many benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are highly versatile, they are commonly installed in service yards, kitchen entrances and toilets.

Space saving

They can almost be installed anywhere due to their space saving design. Unlike a traditional swing door, a sliding door does not swing outward, but instead slides inwards. This design choice removes the space requirement. No outward clearance is required for the door to properly function  Their design is non intrusive, the thickness of a sliding door’s frame varies between 30mm to 60mm, making them installable even in tight spaces.

Ease of use

Sliding doors are also very easy to use. All you need to do is to push them in to close the door and pull them out to close the door. It is that simple. From young children, to the elderly, sliding doors are highly accessible and require minimal effort to operate. Very few will find it challenging to use a sliding door.

Minimal maintenance

Sliding doors require minimal maintenance as their heavy duty top hung rollers are securely installed into the track. These rollers are capable of supporting up to 100 KG in weight per panel so they are certainly built to last.

Track system

There are two main types of track systems for sliding doors, top hung and top hung with a bottom track. Being top hung means that no bottom track is present,the weight of the door is beared by the roller in the top track. This is recommended for doors that are within the dimensions of 3*7 ft. as the roller is able to properly support the weight of the door without a bottom track, thus removing a potential tripping hazard.  Though the single top hung track is sturdy, for homeowners with doors exceeding the dimensions of 4*8 ft should consider installing a bottom track to enhance the structural integrity of the door.


The frame of the sliding door is made of aluminium, providing the door with a large array of benefits. The frame is resistant to termites and water damage due to its material


Sliding doors are commonly installed with clear panels, as such they bring a lot of natural ambient lighting to a home. They are perfect in brightening up a room.

Highly customisable

Sliding doors are versatile not just in their application, but also their designs. There are many options available to homeowners interested in getting one. These are the options we have available at Yi Ki Door

Panel types

For panel types, we have acrylic panels and glass panels.

Acrylic Panel

For Acrylic panel you can choose from the 24 different panel colours we have available.

You can also customise the opacity of the panel, from translucent to fully opaque.

Glass Panel

For glass panels there are a few options you can consider. We have tinted glass available in Green/Blue/Teal and Dark tinted


We also have misty/frosted glass available alongside regular clear glass. For homeowners concerned about safety, they can opt for our selection of safety glass. This  includes tempered glass, laminated glass and wire glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass, requiring more pressure for them to break. In the event that they do break, they shatter into small, relatively harmless pieces


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two pieces of glass, bound together through a vinyl interlayer. As such, they remain largely in one piece even if they break as the vinyl adhesive holds the broken glass in place.

Frameless Door

Homeowners can also opt for a frameless sliding door for that minimalist aesthetic. Frameless sliding doors can seamlessly blend into any home, uniting completely with its surrounding.


We hope that you have learned something from this article. Feel free to share it if you find it helpful. Contact us today for a quotation. We will work with you to make a door that is uniquely yours. Yi Ki door is the preferred Door and Window specialist for homeowners in Singapore.

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