The 5 types of shower screen, and how to pick the best one

Shower screens have always been a good blend of aesthetics and functionality. Not only are they stylish but they also improve safety and keep areas dry. There are a wide variety of shower screen doors to choose, so it can be quite intimidating to select the right one for your house as it varies depending on what you are looking for. In this article, we will try to guide you through the selection process by introducing you to the different types of shower screen doors, their various pros and cons, alongside when and where they should be installed.



For all the shower screen doors that we will be mentioning in this article, it is of utmost importance that installation work(pipes, showerhead etc..)  and tiling  is completed before a shower screen door can be properly installed.


Frameless Wall to Glass Shower Screen Door 

Starting off, we have the wall to glass shower screen. The door is made out of two main components, a wall mounted glass swing door as well as a fixed panel. As its name implies, the glass panels are installed between a wall and a panel, thus minimizing water seepage in the covered area. 

It is completely frameless which gives it an elegant finish that blends seamlessly with the design of your bathroom. Being a swing door, is also simple to use, providing greater accessibility as no tracks or curbs are required. If security is a concern, steel bar supports can be added as a safety measure. A safety film can also be added to the glass to prevent scratches.

It comes in two configurations, either an end to end wall to wall configuration, or an L shape design. You would choose the first option if you have a large bathroom, and the L shape option if you have a smaller bathroom.

A downside of the wall to wall shower screen is that there is a space requirement to ensure proper clearance for the swing door when it opens and closes, so it is not a particularly great pick if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

w2w shower screen
Wall to wall frameless shower screen

Frameless Glass to Glass Shower Screen Door 

The frameless glass to glass shower screen door is rather similar to the wall to wall shower screen in its function and application. The key difference being that the swing is installed on a glass fixed panel instead of a wall. The key benefit to this that the wall need not be hindered with for the installation, taking the aesthetic benefits of the wall to wall shower screen door to the next level and providing an air of luxury.

Much like the wall to wall shower screen, there are 2 configurations, being flat and curved. The flat configuration provides maximum coverage and is best suited. The curved configuration is unique only to the glass to glass shower screen. It works like the L shaped shower screen but has a more stylish design. 

For stability reasons, a curb is needed for the installation of the glass to glass shower screen door. Possible add ons are the same as the wall to glass shower screen.

g2g curved shower screen
Curved glass to glass shower screen


Top Hung Shower Screen Door

The top hung shower screen has a sliding door instead of a swing door and as such requires a track, meaning it cannot be fully frameless. It is however more space saving as no clearance is required for the door to swing in and out. It can be installed wall to wall or in an L shape. Maintenance for it can be more difficult as compared to the swing doors due to the track, A safety film can be added to the glass panels.

top hung shower screen
Wall to wall top hung shower screen door


Shower Screen Panel

If installing a door is too cumbersome, a shower screen panel might be the pick for you. It is a cheap and budget friendly option for those who are just looking to segment a small area of their bathroom without sacrificing accessibility. A safety film can be added to protect the surface of the panel.



That is all we have to share regarding shower screens. We hope it has been helpful in assisting you in making a decision of which shower screen is best suited for you.

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