Secure, Affordable and Flexible, Just 3 Of The Many Reasons Why Mild Steel Gates Are The Best in Singapore!

Yi Ki Door is a direct manufacturer of Mild Steel Gate for home owners who are staying in HDB BTO & Resale Flats in Singapore. The mild steel gate is the most commonly used and popular main entrance gate in 2022 because of its numerous benefits such as security, privacy, durability, cost effectiveness and flexibility in design. 


What is mild steel made of?

Mild Steel is a type of carbon steel that is low in carbon, as such an alternate name for mild steel is low carbon steel.

It is composed of Iron and Carbon and is reinforced using other elements to make it more durable.

As mentioned earlier the main benefits of using mild steel is durability, cost effectiveness and flexibility. We shall further elaborate on these points. 


Advantages of using a gate made from mild steel:


Ductile Material

When it comes to mild steel, the main attraction of this product is its ability to be moulded into the desired shape. Mild Steel, being a low carbon steel can be pressed and shaped into more intricate and complex designs as they are more ductile. 

Mild Steel is believed to be one of the most versatile materials and can be made into many shapes, similar to plastic.

Mild Steel gates in Singapore are incredibly popular because the material used can resist cracks even if it is bent, twisted, or welded. Making it resilient, despite Singapore’s humid weather. 

Due to mild steel innumerable advantages compared to other materials, it has a variety of applications. Hence, mild steel is one of the most widely used materials in the construction sector because of these advantages.


Mild steel gates are long-lasting

Mild steel has a low carbon content, which may have an impact on its strength and hardness. Remember that the metal will be stronger and harder the higher the carbon content. However, due to their reduced ductility, hard and strong metals cannot be easily moulded and shaped. These metals are also difficult to maintain because of their heavier weight, which is made of harder steel.


The advent of mild steel gates is well received by Singaporean households because of the nature of the materials that make them strong, durable and affordable. On top of that, a mild steel gate able to withstand the volatile weather in Singapore is also one of the contributing factors that is gaining popularity in Singapore.


Lightweight and made to last

The average gate that is not made of mild steel might just be a temporary fix. Mild Steel is a lighter metal and this trait actually helps make mild steel gates longer lasting and easier to use and maintain. Since main gates are a higher traffic door, lighter material would be ideal to achieve the best result in terms of durability. Lighter gates means less stress on the hinges as well as on the end of the users, resulting in less wear and tear and lower maintenance cost.


Easy to clean and maintain

When you pick a gate for your home, you want a door that is not only secure but also efficient. Mild steel gates are the only option that is able to be maintained when it comes to cleanliness. It can withstand smudges and does not absorb dirt. When it comes to cleaning, you do not need to use expensive cleaning agents. Just simple and basic cleaning supplies is all it takes to keep your gate neat and clean. 


Can be  personalised & is customisable

If you like extraordinary designs, then mild steel is the ideal choice. Mild steel is ductile, which enables customers to have their gates customised according to their aesthetic preferences. Be it stylish, elegant, contemporary or minimalistic, with mild steel, you can shape your gate into one that perfectly fits you.


They are a budget friendly option

Mild steel gates are considerably cheaper both in terms of the upfront and long term  maintenance and upkeep costs. This has made them a go to pick for many homeowners.

Many homes and businesses are replacing their gates with mild steel ones which is testament that mild steel gates offer a wide variety of solutions  for various customer demands at a cost effective rate.


Now you know why mild steel gates are a big hit in the Singaporean market. Do check out the YK mild steel gates. It comes with powder coating colours (black, white & grey) with a myriad distinctive designs that cater to Singaporeans.

We have three types of mild steel gate that specially serve our local market:

  1. Pet Friendly Gate for Animal Lovers (YK818)
  2. Privacy Gate to keep out prying eyes from ‘kepo’ neighbours (YK814)
  3. Dual Purpose Anti-Burglary & Pet-Friendly Mesh Gate (YK813)
  4. Elegant looking gate that is eye-catching (YK810, YK811, YK815, YK817)

If you are looking to get your doors done, you can look for us. Contact us today or check out our Carousell Page.

We offer a wide range of products such as Bifold Doors and Slide and Swing Doors!

With over 11 years of experience in the industry and over 300 positive reviews on Carousell, Yi Ki Door & Renovation is a trusted door specialist in Singapore.

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