Slide and Swing Full Louvre Door

  • Durable door that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Easy to use and maintain 
  • Size: 3 x 7 ft
  • Standard frame color: White and Grey 


○ Oversized: +$50 – $150

○ Black Frame:+$50 

○Removal of existing door: +$15/set 

○Removal of existing glass door: +$80/set 

○Fixed Panel: Contact Us 


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Add some texture and ventilation into your home with out Slide and Swing Louvre Doors!

Bifold doors are nice and all, but they are just not very durable, that’s where our Slide and Swing Doors come in (learn more about Slide and Swing Doors here). Slide and Swing Doors combine the space saving feature of a Sliding Door, and the maximum accessibility of a Swing Door. All of these features without needing to worry a potential tripping hazard found in most Bifold Doors.

Not having to worry about tracks make the Slide and Swing Doors significantly easier to maintain as well. The sliding mechanism of our Slide and Swing Doors are built into the Door itself, making the door easy to clean and longer lasting. A Bifold Door typically only lasts for a few years before getting worn and loose while a well maintained Slide and Swing Door can last for 5-10 years!

An added benefit of this design is that you can use the swing mechanism of the door without needing to completely collapse the door.

As a local supplier and manufacturer of Doors and Windows, we pride ourselves on making the best quality doors at an affordable price. Be it HDB, BTO, Condos or a Corporate locations, we will be able to deliver and install your doors.

Our Doors are also customizable, from the door design, panel layout and panel material, we aim to accommodate to your aesthetic needs.

For our Louvre Doors in particular, we can do half louvre and half glass/acrylic panel doors as well!

You can expect to receive your Slide and Swing Door from us within 2 weeks after measurements.

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