Lattice Design Bifold Door

  • For customers who want more flare in their doors
  • Size: 3 x 7 ft

○ Oversized:+$50

○Top Hung: +$100 (No Bottom Track)

○Removal of existing bifold door: +$15/set 

○Fixed Panel: Contact Us 


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Spice up your decor with our fashionable, Lattice Design Bifold Doors!

A staple in many Singaporean homes. Given how valuable space is for many homeowners, it is no wonder why Bifold doors, which are ergonomic and space saving have become such a popular option, our Lattice Design Bifold Door functions just the same while looking good.

A Bifold Door typically has two main variations, being a Basic Bifold Door and a Top Hung Bifold Door (click here to learn more about them) , we have both options available with our Lattice Design Bifold Door too!

As a local supplier and manufacturer of Doors and Windows, we pride ourselves on making the best quality doors at an affordable price. Be it HDB, BTO, Condos or a Corporate location, we will be able to deliver and install your doors.

Our Doors are also customizable, from the door design, panel layout and panel material, we aim to accommodate to your aesthetic needs.

You can expect to receive your Bifold Door from us in just 1 week after measurements.

Contact Us today for an appointment and quote!

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