Laminated Solid Wooden Bedroom Swing Door

  • Solid wooden swing doors are a great choice for bedrooms as they are durable, easy to use, open up widely, and provides some sound insultation  
  • Temperature insultation, they are able to keep rooms warm or cold
  • Standard Size: 3 x 7 ft


○ Oversized: +$50 – $150

○Removal of existing door: +$15/set 

○Removal of existing glass door: +$80/set 

○Fixed Panel: Contact Us 


A redux of a tried and true classic, Laminated Solid Wooden Swing Doors are just as effective as their non-laminated counterparts, with the added trait of having more variety in the surface design and additional resistance to water damage and scratches.

Wood being a poor conductor of heat leads it to being extremely energy efficient, if you want to maintain the temperature of a room, wood is the go to pick.

Wood being a material of lower density as compared to metal or concrete leads to it having superior sound insulating properties.

With the trade off of being slightly heavier, our solid core Wooden Swing Doors amplifies these positive qualities of a regular Wooden Swing Door (click here to learn more about the difference between solid core and hollow core doors) for a more durable, sound and temperature insulating door.

As a local supplier and manufacturer of Doors and Windows, we pride ourselves on making the best quality doors at an affordable price. Be it HDB, BTO, Condos or a Corporate locations, we will be able to deliver and install your doors.

You can expect to receive your Classic Solid Wooden Swing Door from us within 2 weeks after measurements.

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