Frameless Fixed Panel Glass Shower Screen

Keep your bathroom dry in a simple, stylish and affordable way with our frameless fixed panel shower screen.


  • Dimension of glass panel must be within: 910mm(width) *1800mm(height)
  • Dismantling & disposal of existing glass shower screen panel +100 to 160/set
  • Tempered Glass 8mm
  • Frameless Design
  • Easy Maintenance


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Take back your shower space while keeping your bathroom dry with our frameless fixed panel shower screen! Fixed panels are a cheaper alternative to regular shower screen doors. They are not only affordable, but are also less restrictive, allowing you to enjoy more open space.

With a frameless design, there is no need for a metal frame, meaning there is also no need to maintain the metal frame to keep it free of rust. This makes our frameless fixed panel shower screen more stylish while also being easier to keep in pristine condition.

As a local supplier and manufacturer of Doors, Windows and Shower Screens, we pride ourselves on making the best quality product at an affordable price. Be it HDB, BTO, Condos or a Corporate location, we will be able to deliver and install your doors.

You can expect to receive your Fixed Panel Shower Screen from us in just 2 week after measurements.

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