Bronze / Silver Anodized Aluminum Frame Swing Door

  • Good for bedroom or bathroom door
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Resistant to water damage and scratches
  • Standard  Size: 3 x 7 ft


○ Oversized: +$50 – $150

○Removal of existing door: +$15/set 

○Removal of existing glass door: +$80/set 

○Fixed Panel: Contact Us 


A contemporary redux of the classic Wooden Swing Door, our Aluminum Frame Swing Door brings functions exactly how you would expect it to but with a few new tricks.

Due to the difference in materials used, the Aluminum Frame Swing Door is more durable as it more resistant to water damage and scratches.

It also has a sleek and modern design, allowing it to blend well with the decor of your home.

With a variety of panel options and frame colors, we will be able to craft a door that is uniquely you!

Our Doors are also customizable, from the door design, panel layout and panel material, we aim to accommodate to your aesthetic needs.

As a local supplier and manufacturer of Doors and Windows, we pride ourselves on making the best quality doors at an affordable price. Be it HDB, BTO, Condos or a Corporate locations, we will be able to deliver and install your doors

You can expect to receive your  Swing Door from us within 2 weeks after measurements.

Contact Us today for an appointment and quote!

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