How to Pick the Best Toilet Door for Your Home with 3 Simple Steps!

When it comes to toilet doors, customers are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available.

That is understandable as a good toilet door will last for many years and picking the wrong door for your home could cause years of inconvenience.

This is why we would like to help make the decision easier for you with this guide on how to select the best toilet door for your home.


Types of toilet door available 

These are some of the more commonly used toilet doors, they are as follows.

  • Bifold Doors
  • Slide and Swing Doors
  • Aluminium Frame Sliding Doors
  • PVC Sliding Doors
  • Aluminium Frame Swing Door
  • Wooden Swing Door
  • Laminated Swing Doors


You can learn more about the following door types here


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Step 1, Accessing your home 

Like the various different types of doors, there too are many different types of homes with their own unique characteristics. As such there is no definitive best door as each door type has their own niche which makes them more suitable in each distinct instance.

This is not only limited to the layout of your home but also the people living in it. Let’s say for example that you have children or elderly folks in your home. Due to this you might want to prioritise safety over other features.

It all comes down to what features you feel are most important to you and if your home accommodates this choice.


Step 2, Features to Consider

There are many features to consider, these are a few features that are most commonly asked about for toilet doors.

  1. Accessibility
  2. Security
  3. Durability
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Affordability


1- Accessible Toilet Door

When it comes to accessibility in toilet doors, we are looking for doors that can fully open and doors that do not have a bottom track.

Accessibility is a big concern when it comes to people with difficulty moving around. They’ll need the most amount of unobstructed space to safely navigate into the toilet.

The Swing Door meets this requirement with flying colours. It can fully swing open providing the maximum amount of open door space. It also uses hinges instead of tracks, removing the bottom track which could be a potential tripping hazard as well as being wheelchair inaccessible.

A close contender for accessibility would be the Slide and Swing Door. It is comparably accessible to the Swing Door and performs similarly in that regard. However it is slightly more difficult to use as it has to slide one of its panels inwards first before it can swing.

These doors with greater accessibility are general the better option for homes with young children or the elderly as they are more safe.

Top Hung Bifold Doors are rather accessible as well, not as much as the previous 2 doors however

Regular Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors should be avoided if accessibility is a big concern.

Regular Bifold Doors use a 2 track system, meaning a bottom track is present.

Sliding Doors cannot fully slide inwards in most circumstances, limiting the entrance space.

2- Secure Toilet Door

Security could be a key concern as well. You want a door to stay shut when in use. Most modern toilet doors are rather secure, but if this is a feature that you want to maximise, the Slide and Swing Door and the Swing Door would be your best option due to the locks used in them.



The other door types are perfectly serviceable as well, just not as secure as the aforementioned two.


3-  Durable Door 

For a durable door, it comes down mostly to the materials used and the door type. As with security, most modern toilet doors are durable, some just excel more in this aspect.

You would generally prefer aluminium frame doors over wooden doors as they are waterproof and termite resistant.

Wooden doors are still used and are durable in their own right, it’s just that signs of wear and tear will be much more visible in wooden doors,

Opting for a Laminated Wooden Door can mitigate this.

Top Hanging Doors and Swing Doors are the Door types that are more durable. Slide and Swing, Top Hung Bifold and Swing Door are the ones you would want to get.


Slide & Swing Door


Swing Door:


Bifold Door:


4- Easy to use Door

We would say that all doors are easy to use. This is based on preference for most people, though you could make an argument for the swing door being the easiest to use as it is the most common door type.

If weight should pose any difficulty, aluminium frame doors are generally lighter compared to wooden doors, making them easier to use.


5- Affordable Door

An extremely important factor to consider for most customers. When it comes to affordability, there is not a lot that can compare to the Bifold Door. If you want to get more bang for your buck, the Bifold Door is the door for you.

A good upgrade to the regular Bifold Doors for those working with a larger budget is the Top Hung Bifold Door. It functions similarly to the Bifold Door but is more durable and lacks a bottom track, making it more accessible.

Slide and Swing Doors are an incredibly popular option too for those wanting more from their doors. Although pricier. They are fairly affordable and have a great range of attractive features.


Step 3, Door Specialist/ Renovation Specialist 

A thing to consider when installing your doors is the door specialist and installer that you are getting your door from. An easy way to check if they are reliable is to search for reviews from previous customers.

You can do this by searching the name of your door contractor online and by viewing their social media presence.



We hope this article has helped you pick your toilet door.

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