How to pick best Bifold door for your toilet

At Yi Ki Door, we provide the best quality of aluminum frame bifold doors in Singapore. In this article, we will be sharing the specification of the bifold doors so that you will be able to make the best decision when it comes to getting the best bifold door for your lovely house.

Frame color

Powder Coating vs Anodized

In the Singaporean Aluminum Door Industry, aluminum frame bifold doors consists of four standard colors:

  1. Silver Anodized Frame
  2. Bronze Anodized Frame
  3. White Powder Coated
  4. Black Powder Coated
  5. Special Color Coated

What is an anodized frame?

Anodized frames are manufactured through anodizing process by thickening the surface of the frame. It strengthens the resistance to wear and corrosion and improves glue or silicon adhesion, which makes it perfectly suitable to be used as a toilet door frame, especially for homeowners with metal frame/pvc frame/concrete frame. 

Homeowners who are looking for a budget friendly option could opt for anodized frame bifold door. However, do note that maintenance is required such as applying WD40 lubricant once or twice a year to ensure smooth operation.

What is powder coated frame?

Powder Coated frame is another type of finishing where powder is applied on the surface of aluminum using a spray gun and cured in an oven, turning the powder into a solid layer. The resulting coated frame is very durable and attractive, which is appealing to most of the homeowners. 

The protective layer that is achieved through powder coating process makes the frame surface even thicker, therefore resulting in smooth operation when closing/opening the bifold door.

Powder coated frames, due to being thicker, make less noise when used.

Panel Type

At Yi Ki Door, we provide a wide variety of choices as the panel of the doors, which caters to different needs for the Singaporeans. Here are the following options:

  1. PVC Panel
  2. Acrylic Panel
  3. Woodgrain Panel
  4. Special Panel

1. PVC Panel

PVC Panels are the panels which are first used after the advent of aluminum bifold doors. These panels are partially opaque panels.

They are also a budget friendly option for homeowners who plan to lower down their renovation budgeting.

Homeowners who have elderly at home tend to select PVC panels as it allows them to check in on their elderly relatives in a non-intrusive manner. 

PVC panels, not being fully opaque, facilitates good light flow within the house.

2. Acrylic Panel

Acrylic Panels are panels that give complete privacy to the homeowner as the panel is fully opaque. 

Acrylic panels are now the most popular option for homeowners. It is commonly used in guest toilets for HDB/Condo/Landed as it gives extra privacy.

3.Woodgrain Panel

The glossy surface of the woodgrain panel makes it much more appealing, which accentuates the elegance of the toilet interior. However this panel is costly because of its uniqueness.

4.Special Panels

Special Panels consist of different contours, such as raindrop/bubble/square/bamboo/bark. 

These panels have three different types: white partial opaque/black opaque/clear panel, which can be another decorative option for homeowners who wish to have a uniquely customised door. 

Bifold Door Mechanism

There are two types of Bifold door mechanisms. They are:

  1. Light Duty Clip Mechanism
  2. Top Roller Mechanism

To summarize, light duty clips are less durable but more affordable when compared to top rollers.

Design Type 

At Yi Ki Door, we provide a wide variety of designs for the aluminum bifold door.

2 panel

4 panel

6 panel

8 panel

Japanese Style 

Measurement of doors

Measurement taking is an essential part of the installation process.

For HDB metal door frame/PVC Door frame/Concrete Wall: measure the inner part of the existing door frame.

Standard size for most of the HDB houses are within 33 inches(width) by 84 inches high. In most cases the width for HDB resale varies from unit to unit, but it is usually within the standard size. For door height wise it is very different as well because of the tiling work done that affects the height.

For HDB BTO, the usual width is either 33 inches or 36 inches.

The newest HDB BTO could be as large as 38 inches wide, hence homeowners living in such houses might have to incur additional costs as the door size is more than standard size of 36 inches wide, which is considered a custom-made door.

The picture below demonstrates the proper way of conducting measurement taking.

In Singapore, there are numerous types of toilet door frame and the most commonly seen in Singapore market are the following types:

HDB metal door frame

HDB BTO newest door frame

Concrete wall structure

UPCV door frame

All these are the common door frame for HDB, at Yi Ki door we render service of free measurement taking to ensure the new door are fit in nicely for your new house.


We hope this article has been informative!

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