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Yi Ki Door & Renovation (UEN: 53162146D) is a HDB ( HB-12-4603B ) licensed company that was established in 2010 to serve Singaporean homeowners with the best quality Doors & Windows.

Our Journey

For over 13 years, our drive to make windows and doors that are different and better has been at the core of our company. It has led us to be a neighbourly company, set higher standards for our entire industry and, ultimately, be Singapore’s leading window specialist.

It’s also why we continue to be welcomed into distinctive and expressive homes, becoming part of the life within them. As the most trusted and most preferred windows and doors company among homeowners, we continue to inspire with products for the way you live, performance for the comfort and security you desire, and design options to achieve your ideal style.

Slide and Swing Door

Space Saving And Ergonomic Design

Secure locking mechanism, great air ventilation and low maintenance 

Sliding Door

Highly customisable

Minimal maintenance is required as the heavy duty top hung rollers capable to support up to 100 KG in weight per panel

Bi-Fold Door

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance

Aesthetically pleasing design with 24 panel colour options. Aluminium frame material is sturdy, lightweight and anti-rusting.

Products & Services


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Exclusive & Best Choice

Check out the exclusive and best choice of doors for your lovely house

Ultra Slim Folding Door
Ultra Slim Folding Door
Folding doors are commonly made using either pvc or aluminium
Window 1 (1)
 Excellent Anti-burglary protection. Anti-termites
Mild Steel Gate 1 (1)
Mild Steel Gate
 Durable Ductile Material. Customisable
Basin swing $220 (1)
Top rolling system for smooth operation. Aluminium materials and thus waterproofing
Collapsible Door (3)
Folding Door
Folding doors are commonly made using either pvc or aluminium
Multilayer Folding Door (2)
PVC Multilayer Collapsible Door
PVC folding doors are very suitable for kitchens, balconies, workshops, and office buildings
Sliding Door (1)
Sliding Door
Divider to separate your balcony & living room, kitchen, bedroom
Aluminium Swing Door 2 (1)
Swing Door
Durable Hinge System. Top rolling for smooth Operation
Basic - 2 Panels Bifold Door $208.00 (2)
Bi-fold Door
Space saving. Waterproof Aluminium Construction
Slide & Swing 6 (3)
Slide and Swing Door
Highly compact and space saving. Termites Resistant

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