Double Leaf Bifold Door, Maximise your space with 2 opening panels.

We are doing a quick feature on the double leaf bifold door today.

What is a Double Leaf Bifold Door?

As you can guess from the name, it is 2 regular bifold doors that combine to form an entire door. It can also neatly tuck away when not in use, preserving the decor and flow of your home while providing some division between rooms. 

Similar to bifold doors, it is highly customisable and extremely versatile, able to be installed for various different uses.

Why get a Double Leaf Bifold Door?

It is a space saving and more budget friendly alternative to the folding glass doors.

The Double Leaf Bifold is most commonly used in homes with larger kitchen entrances (exceeding 3*7ft). Its main function is to divide the kitchen from the living room, preventing oil and water from seeping into the living room. It also serves to keep the temperature cool for homes with air conditioning in the living room.

Another notable feature is that the Double Leaf Bifold Door is also an acoustic door. Acoustic doors are doors that reduce the spread of noise between rooms. This helps restrict sounds to their respective rooms. 

Other Notable Uses for the Double Leaf Bifold Door

The Double Leaf Bifold Door can also be used as:

1.) study room divider

2.) kitchen entrance divider

3.) main entrance divider

4.) room divider

Overall, the Double Leaf Bifold Door is a good option for homeowners with larger entrances that they wish to divide up as it is affordable, space saving and easy on the eyes. 

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