Public Service Announcement Regarding Impersonation Scams

It has come to our attention that we’ve been the subject of impersonation attempts. These impersonators claim to be us in an attempt to trick our customers into transferring money to them.    These are the current list of contact numbers associated with our company, if you receive a number outside of this list that […]

Great Singapore Sale Giveaway Campaign

  Dear valued customers, in line with the Great Singapore Sale, Yi Ki Doors & Windows will be holding a monthly giveaway starting from 10th July to 10th October featuring various attractive prizes. How do I enter? All customers who spend more than $500 in a single bill within the designated period will be eligible […]

Presenting our new open concept showroom!

Dear valued customers, it pleases us greatly for us to announce to you the opening of our new showroom. Now customers can freely view our products and experience the quality and craftsmanship of our doors in our specialized showroom.  Keeping in line with our vision of being a homely company, we aim to provide our […]

Top 5 Aluminium Kitchen Door for HDB and Condos

Kitchen Doors are an often overlooked part in most houses as they are perceived to be less important than other doors. The benefits of a kitchen door in HDB and Condos are quite plentiful.  They neatly divide the kitchen from your living space keeping your living space clean and tidy.Kitchen doors also add a touch […]

The many unique types of Glass Doors and their uses

Glass Doors provide a luxurious feeling to any home. They are an ample source of natural lighting and can make a room appear more spacious than it really is. With so many different types of glass doors, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We would like to help you with that by explaining the basics […]

The Full History & Evolution of Folding Doors

What is a folding door? A folding door is a type of door that is commonly used for interiors and exteriors for all housing types in Singapore.  Folding doors were first popularised in the 70s to replace wooden doors that were more pricey and susceptible to termite and water damage. Folding doors are commonly made […]

The 4 types of Wooden Doors and their amazing features!

Doors are an essential part of any home, with the huge amount of doors, it is hard to narrow down which type of doors would be ideal. We will be focusing on wooden doors in particular in this article. The types of wooden doors, the various pros and cons of each as well as their […]

The 2 types of Basin Doors, the Hidden Gems for Space Saving!

Basin Doors are not as flashy as their larger cousins, but they can be as important if not more so than other types of doors due to their sheer versatility and the convenience they provide. They are commonly fitted into tight spaces like below basins and in kitchens. The main benefits of a Basin Door […]

Swing Door, their benefits and when to use them

Introduction The swing door is a household staple. Go into any house and you are bound to find at least one swing door installed, and for good reason. The swing door is an extremely simple yet effective design. We do not give it much thought as we go use it in our day to day […]

Sliding doors, perfect for liberating your restrictive home spaces

About Sliding Doors Sliding doors are becoming increasingly more commonplace in many households and for good reason. They are incredibly space efficient and also very stylish. Their contemporary designs bring a refined and urban feel to any household. The many benefits of Sliding Doors Sliding doors are highly versatile, they are commonly installed in service […]

How to Pick the Best Toilet Door for Your Home with 3 Simple Steps!

When it comes to toilet doors, customers are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available. That is understandable as a good toilet door will last for many years and picking the wrong door for your home could cause years of inconvenience. This is why we would like to help make the decision easier […]

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