Casement Window vs Sliding Window. Which one from these 2 is a better fit for you?


With the myriad of options presented to homeowners when it comes to windows, it is no wonder that many homeowners are unsure on which type of window they should go for.

Windows are an absolute necessity when it comes to houses and as such we would naturally want the best ones. However as every home and every homeowner is different, what is best would also differ accordingly.

To help you make a well informed decision, we will be discussing 2 types of window, casement and sliding.

Casement Window

A Casement Window operates via a hinge mechanism and is held together by the window frames through these hinges. Mechanically speaking, they function similarly to a traditional swing door. As with doors they have handles, however the handles in these casement windows double up as locks for the window.

Pros of Casement Window

As a casement window can fully open, there are many benefits that you can experience by installing casements windows. You will be able to view the scenery surrounding your home with minimal interference.

Another benefit you can experience is better ventilation and air flow due to how the windows open. You can adjust how much you open your windows to better control your air flow.

The design and locking mechanism of the casement windows grants it even more perks.

The tight compression of the lock makes it safe and secure while also adding some sound resistant qualities to the window.

Casement windows also require minimal maintenance as the hinges and frames are made of durable materials that can withstand prolonged usage.

Cons of Casement Window

Casement Windows take up more space as compared to sliding windows. Adequate clearance is required for casement windows to open up and as such they might not be suited for tight spaces.

Sliding Window

A sliding window is guided by a track system and slides sideways to open up. They are space saving and incredibly easy to use.

Pros of Sliding Window

One of the biggest features of the sliding window is that it is space efficient. Since it slides open, instead of swinging open. There are no protrusions, thus minimal space is needed for the window to properly function.

As the design of the Sliding window is so space efficient, peripherals such as security screens for pets and young children can be easily installed, providing sliding doors with some added versatility.

Sliding Windows are also easy to operate as they do not swing outwards. Minimal force is required to slide the window open.

Cons of Sliding Window

As there is no tension mechanism keeping the windows locked in place, the sliding windows are generally less secure than the casement windows. Due to this, sliding windows also lack the sound insulating qualities of casement windows.

Sliding windows cannot fully open, meaning that it might block your view of the scenery. Alongside, the ventilation is inferior to the casement windows as the fixed section prevents more direct air flow.


Overall, both types of windows are great in different ways and it’s up to the homeowner to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of both types of windows as well as their own situation to make the best decision.

We hope this article has helped you better understand windows.

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