Affiliate Marketing Program

Let us grow together!

We need your help so that we can grow and expand to be a bigger and more successful business.

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is for like minded customers who want to help the company develop.

To show our appreciation we will be extending rewards and privileges to our affiliated partners such as cash incentives for a successful referral.

If you are interested in helping us grow just fill up the form application form bellow. Accepted applicants will be notified via their provided email/ phone number.

Referral rates

For every successful deal thanks to your referral, you will receive the following rewards.

1- Bifold/Slide and Swing Door : $10

2- Swing/Wooden Door: $20

3- Shower Screen: $30

4- Window/Window Grille: $20

Rewards will be given for every successful referral for the items listed above when the referred customer makes an order quantity of 2 or more.

Application Form

Fill up the form accordingly and let us know why you want to be an affiliate of ours and how you can contribute in our expansion efforts.

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