A guide to buying sliding doors, in just 5 easy steps.

Why even get a sliding door?

Sliding Doors are a great blend of form and function. They are simultaneously good to look at while being incredibly practical. Sliding Doors are valued for their space-saving, easy to use and accessible design (more on sliding doors). 

They are the ultimate choice to create spaciousness and breathtaking scenery, enabling natural light to penetrate through the transparent panels into your house, providing you with a warm ambience within your house . When not in use, they can be opened up to allow air circulation. It is an all in one holistic package.

In light of many recent developments in the landscape of Sliding Doors, it can be rather overwhelming to decide on what type of Sliding Door would match your needs. With new buzzwords such as soft closing and ultra slim, it is hard to stay abreast of things.

As such, we have decided to create a guide to help homeowners navigate through the decision making process of selecting a Sliding Door that would best suit your needs.

Track configuration

One thing to consider when getting a Sliding Door would be the type of track system to implement. The two kinds are top hung and double tracks. 

There are advantages and disadvantages with each type of configuration. 

With the Top Hung configuration, there’s no need for a bottom track, removing a tripping hazard and making maintenance much easier. The drawback however, is that the weight is only being supported from the top track, though the rollers in the top track are able to withstand 100 kg in weight per panel, we advice homeowners to not opt for this configuration if their doors are beyond the dimensions of 4ft by 8ft as there will be stability concerns. Top Hung  Sliding Doors are best implemented for doors that are within 3ft by 7ft. 

Top Hung Woodgrain Panel Sliding Door
Top Hung Woodgrain Panel Sliding Door

The double track configuration shines best when stability is a priority. It is best used for larger doors, ensuring that they stay on track for a longer period of time. Having a bottom track to support the weight of the Sliding Doors allow for larger doors to be installed. Since the weight is distributed between two tracks, the doors will be more stable and wiggle less.

Acrylic Panel Sliding Door, Double track
Double Track Acrylic Panel Sliding Door

Maintenance will be slightly harder as you will have to take care of the bottom track as well. Having a bottom track also leads to there being a potential tripping hazard, so one must be mindful of that when opting for double tracks.

Both configurations are great within their niches, as long as homeowners are well aware of when to pick which configuration along with the boons and banes of each setup, it is hard to go wrong with either.

Panel Materials 

The two most common panel materials for Sliding Doors are acrylic and glass, much like the track configuration, each have their own distinct set of pros and cons.

Acrylic Panels

With acrylic panels, you can pick for a wide variety of vibrantly coloured panels, additionally they are rather light weight, making them easy to handle. Acrylic panels are also more impact resistant when compared to regular glass panels. If light flow is a concern, transparent and translucent acrylic panels are also available, allowing homeowners to replicate the look of glass at a fraction of the cost.

Acrylic Panel Colors
Acrylic Panel Colors

A downside of acrylic panels is that they are not very scratch resistant, making it rather difficult to keep them in pristine condition overtime.

They are, however, a good option for homeowners seeking to get a cheaper and lighter door.

Glass Panels

Glass panels are sleek and elegant, imbuing the room with a sense of luxury. At Yi Ki Door, we use 8mm thick tempered glass to ensure safety for our customers. If a thinner design is needed, we also have glass that is thinner to properly fit into more slim designs (click here to see the types of glass we have available). We worked hard to ensure that our glass is as, if not more durable than acrylic panels.

Tinted Sliding Glass Door
Tinted Sliding Glass Door

There are also unique designs that can only be found with glass panels such as fluted glass. Glass panels are also more scratch resistant compared to acrylic panels, making it easier to have them looking good over a long period of time.

It is best to pick a panel material that suits your budgetary and aesthetics requirements. 


We have frames of differing widths to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers.

Sliding Door Frame Widths
Sliding Door Frame Widths

They can be as thin as 1 inch per panel. Despite what you may think, thicker panels do not necessarily mean that a door is more durable. A door with a smaller frame can lead to a more snug fit for the glass panel, which paradoxically makes it more stable and durable than usual.

Ultra Slim Doors are simply just doors that take this design philosophy to the extreme, minimizing the size of frame, while showing as much of the glass panel as possible, which provides homeowners with a seamlessly elegant door that truly reinforces the strong points of glass. 

For larger areas, these Sliding Doors can be installed panel by panel, allowing homeowners to seamlessly divide areas of living space in a fashionable and unobtrusive manner, as they can simply be collapsed when not in use. The number of panels will vary depending on the size of the area.


Working in tandem with the door frames are the locks. Locks can be added to sliding doors to improve the security of an area. Interlocking locks would be best for thicker doors, while a regular lock would suffice for a normally sized door. 

Interlocking Lock for Sliding Door
Interlocking Lock for Sliding Door

Soft Closing

A soft closing door is rather self explanatory, it is as its name would imply, a door that softly closes. This comes with quite a few advantages. Soft closing doors do not make a hard impact with the frame when closing, making them more durable in the long run. Closing softly also makes them more safe as it can prevent fingers from being squeezed, this is especially relevant if you have young children, or elderly folks around the house.

 They are also very quiet as compared to regular Sliding Doors, which is a big plus for homeowners who want a less noisy home. Soft closing Sliding Doors are steadily growing with popularity, and can also be combined with another rising star in the ultra slim Sliding Doors to make a soft closing ultra slim Sliding Doors.

Fluted Glass Panel Synchronized Soft Closing Sliding Door
Fluted Glass Panel Synchronized Soft Closing Sliding Door


We hope this article has helped ease some of your worries when it comes to selecting a sliding door.

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