5 Reasons to get a Frameless Glass Door

Frameless Bifold Door Glass Panel / Frameless Glass Door Bifold
Frameless Bifold Glass Door


Glass doors are ever present in our day to day lives, and for good reason, they seamlessly blend into the surrounding without any compromise to their functions as doors. 

Glass provides an air of elegance and luxury, being scratch resistant and a good enabler of natural lighting. However due to practical reasons, glass doors typically need a frame for them to be resilient enough to withstand wear and tear from day to day use, slightly diminishing the shine of glass as a material. There has to be a compromise between form and function,

With the advent of modern technology and engineering, there is no longer a need for such a trade off. With our Frameless Glass Door Series, you can maximize the glass content of your doors, which allows you to fully leverage the unique benefits of glass.

Using durable glass that is 8mm thick, our Frameless Glass Doors are made to last, you can expect the usual suite of benefits from glass doors alongside an additional list of pros unique to  Frameless Glass Doors. 

1-Fits into any decor/theme

Glass Doors are popular for their ability to be fitted into any kind of room decor, as they can mix in with any decor theme perfectly. As mentioned earlier, the only thing that breaks that illusion was the frame, but with a Frameless Glass Door, that is no longer an issue. With our Frameless Glass Door Series, there will be no obstructive frame to cover up any glass, magnifying the exquisiteness of the glass without sacrificing any of its visual flare. There’s no theme that Frameless Glass Doors can’t fit into!


frameless glass door, folding island and swing
Frameless Glass Door Folding Island and Swing Door


2-Cleanly divides spaces

Another benefit of Frameless Glass Doors is their effectiveness when implemented as dividers. They can cleanly divide any space in an unobstructive manner, without giving up on the visual continuity of the room. Compared to partition walls or framed doors that stick out like a sore thumb, the Frameless Glass Doors are a welcomed sight for sore eyes.


Frameless Shower Screen Door
Frameless Shower Screen Door


3- Ease of maintenance 

Frameless Glass Doors not having any frame presents another boon. Since these doors are completely frameless, you do not have to deal with maintaining a door frame. Wooden frames, chip and corrode over time and are also susceptible to mold damage. Aluminum frames can get rusty over time, especially without powder coating. With how Frameless Glass Doors are designed, the maintenance of the frame becomes a non-issue as Frameless Glass Doors, true to their name, do not have any frame. This saves the homeowner the headache of maintaining the frame of the door.


4-Ease of handling 

By nature of their design, Frameless Glass Doors are lighter and thus easier to handle. Having such a minimalist design means that only the essentials of the doors are present. There’s no additional chuff to weigh the door down, making them light on the arms and light on the eyes.


5-Wider range of motion 

Frameless Glass Doors are also more flexible as their joints are directly attached to the doors and not the frames. This gives frameless doors on average, a wider range of motion. If you are looking for a door that can open up more widely, our Frameless Glass Doors are just what you are looking for!


Frameless L-Shaped Glass Shower Screen Door
Frameless L-Shaped Glass Shower Screen Door


Types of Frameless Glass Doors we have available 

-Sliding Door (Kitchen)

-Bifold Glass Door (Divider,Toilet)

-Swing Door (Kitchen, Toilet, Room entrance)

-Pivot Door (Open from both side, easy to use, minimal noise)

-Shower Screen Swing Door

-Folding Shower screen

-4 Panel Bifold Door

-6 Panel Bifold Door

-8 Panel Bifold Door

-Service Yard Bifold Door



We hope this article has helped ease some of your worries when it comes to selecting a sliding door.

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