4 Wonderful Types of Collapsible Door for Kitchen Island Countertops


At Yi KI Door & Renovation, we specialise in Glass & Aluminium works for windows and doors in Singapore. Established in 2010, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary collapsible designed doors for your lovely countertop island to accentuate the elegance of your kitchen and prevent cooking oil, smoke and odours from entering your living hall.

Aluminium Kitchen Island Folding Door

If you’re looking for a heavy duty folding door & safer option for a countertop island in your kitchen, you can opt for our YK Aluminium Kitchen Island Folding Door.

There are four types of profiles for aluminium collapsible doors:

1-  3/8 inches: This is the thinnest one among the four other aluminium profiles frames. It is suited for door sizes that are within 3*7ft.

Place to use: toilet door & kitchen door

2-  2/8 inches: This is the optimal thickness for the aluminium profile as it does not obstruct your view if you’re looking from the inside of the kitchen. It is suitable for use as an interior door.

Place to use: living hall/room divider door, kitchen door/toilet door

3-  4/8 inches: This is the 2nd thickest aluminium profile that is widely used as exterior doors for HDB/Condo.

Place to use: balcony door, living hall divider & kitchen door

4- European Profile door: The thickest aluminium profile for a collapsible door. Mostly used as exterior doors that exceed 7ft. This profile can sustain the weight of a larger aluminium collapsible door. Commonly used for landed property as it is a durable option.

Place to use: Balcony door, living hall divider, landed property main entrance door

Among the 4 types of aluminium profile, the 2nd & 3th option are the profiles available for kitchen island collapsible doors. It’s highly recommended to go for a 2 2/8 inches aluminium profile as it is not too thick to the extent it will block the view of the kitchen,while also being safe and durable, making it a safer and anti-acoustic option.

2 2/8 inches Island Kitchen Collapsible Door

3 4/8 inches Island Kitchen Collapsible Door

Fixed Aluminium Frame Glass Panel 

If you do not wish to have a collapsible door installed at your island countertop, you may opt for fixed glass panels(i.e. Shopfront profile 1 2/8 inches) for your kitchen countertop island. Please refer to the following photo.

Frameless Kitchen Island Collapsible Door

If you’re looking for an elegant frameless collapsible door, our frameless door system is the best practical space saving solution with a wide variety of aesthetic designs.

The best place to install the frameless collapsible door for your kitchen door definitely is because of its excellent features on space management. Giving you a sleek open-concept kitchen.

The Frameless Kitchen Island Collapsible Door also stands out in terms of durability because of materials implemented on the door installation. There is also a wide variety of add-ons/ accessories available. If you’re looking for a different stylish option: we have black trim glass door/white trim door.

Frameless Island Kitchen Collapsible Door

Black Trim Island Kitchen Collapsible Door

Fixed Frameless Glass Panel 

If you want an alternative to installing a collapsible door in your kitchen island countertop, you may opt for fixed glass panels for your island. Please refer to the following photo.


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