4 simple ways to bring back some privacy into your home in Singapore.

One of the drawbacks to apartment living, be it in a condo or HDB, is lack of privacy. However, there are many things you can do to bring back some privacy into your homes .


1.) Consider obscure glass window/ frosted window

Your unit could be located along a corridor where the busy body neighbors will be able to peek through. Fear not, without taking up your physical space at the corridor our naco window or frosted glass window is able to give you extra privacy. Obscure glass windows/Frosted glass sliding windows offer privacy for sure without blocking off sunlight absolutely so you won’t have to turn off your light to waste money on paying off your utility bills. Alternatively you can install our naco window where the bottom section of the window is filled with metal plate that is able to prevent outsiders from peeking through your window when you’re watching a movie at your living hall, yet able to maintain the view of the outside when you’re glancing through the top section.

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2.) Get the right front door

Your main entrance wooden door is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your space in your living hall and selecting the right one can help in bringing more peace of mind to you.

Find ones that feature fire rated doors help block off your noisy neighbor & if your unit is located opposite of railway track, it could help you in reducing the noise level, while still able to serve the fire evacuation purposes.

3.) Home office separation and partitioning

Collapsible/Folding Door

Creating partitions in the house is equally important to larger or smaller households. You will need to have privacy within your own house. It could be a reading zone for you to study, communal areas where you can have your guests chilling inside. Here’s when our Collapsible door is able to cater to these needs at your HDB/Condo without compromising the space. It doesn’t have to be physically visually, we can install for you the aluminum Collapsible door with a clear mirror to separate zones and functions as an acoustic barrier. At the same time retain the visual connection with your family members.

Sliding Door

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4.) Soundproofing your room doors with solid wooden doors

Wooden doors are one of the best ways to make a room soundproof, especially solid wood doors, as they are so dense. It is hard for sound to penetrate such a thick coating of wood.

Simply installing them can improve the privacy of a room.

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If you are looking to get some work done to improve the privacy of your home, look no further! Yi Ki Door & Renovation is a trusted and established renovation company with over 11 years of experience and 200+ positive reviews on Carousell. Contact us today to regain your privacy.

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