4 Advantages of Using a Wrought Iron Gate, the safe choice

Yi Ki Door is a direct manufacturer of Wrought Iron Gate for home owners who are staying in HDB, BTO & Resale Flats in Singapore. The wrought iron gate is the most commonly used main entrance gate for BTO because of its numerous benefits such as security, privacy, durability, and flexibility in design.  This have made them the tried and tested safe pick when it comes to main gates.

What is Wrought Iron made of?

Wrought Iron is a crude iron alloy that has a low carbon content. It is iron that retains  0.04- 0.08% carbon content, which is even lower than mild steel which has on average 0.2%-0.25% carbon content. Wrought Iron, which literally means ‘worked iron’, refers to the method of manufacturing the metal by working (beating) it repeatedly under a hammer.

4 Advantages of using a gate made of wrought iron:

Highly malleable, leading to many decorative designs

This method of manufacturing along with the composition of the iron makes it more malleable. It is also more workable than mild steel in high temperatures, allowing for various intricate and ornate designs that are not quite possible with other types of metal. Even more impressive is that the welds are not visible.

Sleek appearance

Another thing that wrought iron brings is its unique grainy texture, which is similar to wood. This adds a layer of depth to the designs of wrought iron gates, as opposed to the sleek smooth finish of mild steel gates. Many homeowners appreciate the rustic and lived-in feel that wrought iron gates bring. Needless to say, the timeless aesthetics of the wrought iron gates are a big selling point.

Durable and low maintenance

What’s more, Wrought Iron is extremely durable, the various wrought iron structures that are present in buildings that are over a century old are testament to that fact. Minimal maintenance is needed to keep a wrought iron gate in working condition.

Better option for anti-burglary

Wrought Iron being so strong naturally also makes it an extremely secure option for a gate. With how tough they are, it is unlikely that unwanted guests will be able to break into your home.

Galvanized vs Non-Galvanized

Galvanization and longevity in Wrought Iron Gate

When purchasing a wrought iron gate, rust prevention on the metal gate is something that you should look into thoroughly as the materials and approach used could have a huge impact on the longevity and appearance of your wrought iron gate.


Galvanized wrought iron is iron with a protective layer of zinc added to it during the manufacturing process. This gives it a protective coat that can withstand corrosion from water, oxygen and heat.

Non galvanized wrought iron gate lacks this protective zinc layer, thus making them susceptible to the corrosive effects of water, heat and oxygen. If you want your gate to remain in a good condition for a long period of time, it’s best to invest in a galvanized wrought iron gate.


We hope this article has helped you better understand wrought iron gates.

As one of the main doors to your home, it is extremely important to pick one that fits your security and aesthetic needs.

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