2 types of Bifold doors, basic vs top hung. Which is best for you?

Aluminium frame bifold doors are the go to budget friendly option for many homeowners. They are affordable, easy to use and simple to maintain. Their ergonomic and space efficient design allows homeowners to maximise their valuable home space.

Bifold doors are also durable, being resistant to various types of damage such as corrosion, rust and termites due to the materials used in their construction. These bifold doors are also customisable coming in various sizes and designs, giving homeowners to pick the type of bifold door best suited to them.

This makes the bifold door one of the best options for bathroom doors in HDB and Condos. With such a large selection of choices and extensive list of benefits, what’s there not to love? 

Bifold Doors in their natural habitat

Herein lies a problem, with so many different types of Bi fold door, homeowners might feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the amount of decisions they have to make to pick the right fit. Afterall a door is a long term investment, we would not want any homeowners to regret making such a decision,

To help with that, we decided to discuss two types of bi fold doors available, namely regular, basic bifold doors and top hung (also known as top roller) bifold doors. 

Basic/Regular Bi Fold Doors

A basic, regular bifold door uses a double track system with clip-in PVC door rollers to guide the movement of the door. This makes the installation process fairly straight forward and allows for a more even distribution in weight between the two tracks. Maintenance is recommended however to keep the door properly working. Dirt, dust and other debri might accumulate over periods of prolonged usage and as such should be cleaned to ensure that the doors stay properly aligned. The PVC door rollers could also wear down causing issues when operating the door.

Fortunately, with how easy the installation process is, homeowners will be easily capable of resolving the issue themselves by getting the appropriate replacement rollers. In brief, regular bifold doors are easy to use but would require more maintenance in the long term due to their design, however this is mitigated by the fact that the maintenance process is undemanding and uncomplicated.

PVC roller and stainless steel roller


Top Hung/ Top Roller Bi Fold Doors

A top hung/ top roller bifold door uses a heavy duty stainless steel roller to guide the movement of the door. This stainless steel roller is heavy duty, able to bear the weight of the entire door from the top track. This roller is also securely installed in the top track giving it enhanced stability as compared to the basic bifold door. As such it also requires less maintenance as compared to the basic bi fold door.

It is also safer espeicaly for young children and the elderly as it does not have a bottom track, keeping the floor of the room even.  Even adults after a tired from a long day at work might trip on the bottom track, with the top hung bifold door, that is no longer a concern. Due to the materials used in its construction and the installation method, the top hung bifold door is also more durable than the basic bi fold door.

An optional second track can be installed at the preference of the homeowner to bolster the longevity of the door. To sum it up, Top hung bi fold doors are more durable than basic bifold doors while requiring minimal maintenance. They are however harder to troubleshoot for the average homeowner as certain components are not as easily accessible, however their benefits more than make up for this minor shortcoming. 

The two types of track, top hung on the left and basic on the right

We hope that this article has been helpful. We see these doors as a long term investment and certainly do not want homeowners to regret their decisions. Do let us know of any other relevant topics that you want us to discuss.

Our bifold doors are also customisable and come in various designs to suit the needs and preferences of various homeowners. 

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